Hunting for Hunting Insurance? Call Your Local FUIA Agent for Coverage!

Fall in Minnesota means hunting season.  Hunting is a part of life in rural America, and there are a host of clubs, organizations and businesses that cater to hunters, archers, and gun enthusiasts.

Businesses: Gun Ranges, Hunting Clubs, and Guide Services

These types of businesses are a great way to combine your personal passion with a profitable profession.  As you grow your business, you’ll have the same concerns as any small business owner, plus some additional things to consider like whether the activities of your members are covered under your policy. Talk to one of our experienced Independent Agents to make sure you are properly protected.  Many of them are hunting enthusiasts themselves!


Even if your club is a non-profit organization rather than a for-profit business, you could be held liable for injuries, property damage, and even membership discrimination.  You will want to consider the best type of coverage for the group so you can focus on what you love, rather than dealing with liability issues.

Special Events: Sponsored Shoots & Tournaments

If you are organizing an event, don’t forget to get short-term event coverage for any added liability. Sponsored shoots, tournaments, fundraisers, and social outings have their own unique risks that you will want to make sure you have coverage for.

For more information about insurance for your hunting and shooting endeavors, visit our website at to find an Agent in your area that can help you find coverage.

Remember to Teach Gun Safety

Approximately half of all U.S. homes have guns. And, according to a study published in a Pediatrics journal, nearly 1.7 million kids live in a home where firearms are kept loaded and unsecured.

The Matthew Bellamy Project ships free gun locks to anyone who requests them. Free gun locks may also be available from your local law enforcement agency in partnership with Project ChildSafe.

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